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Breast Implant Profiles

Breast Implant Profiles

Choosing a right implant demands making sensible choices regarding breast implants profile and other specifications. Unlike shape and size of implant, the choice of breast implant profile requires little effort due to lesser options. The breast implant profile refers to decide about the projection distance of implant from the chest wall. More high profile the implant is, more farther it projects from the chest wall. You can choose from:

-          Low profile implants

-          Moderate profile implants

-          High profile implants

-          Moderate plus profile

Generally, not a lot of breast augmentation candidates know about the profiles of breast implants and most surgeon helps by suggesting an appropriate profile according to the size of implant. However, you always have the authority to pick and choose from either of the above listed profiles to get the desired results in terms of projection of implant from the chest wall.

How to choose an appropriate breast implant profile?

A right breast implant profile choice can help you in getting optimum volume and more beautiful breasts that are a perfect fit for your body and frame. The choice is pretty much dependent on following factors:

-          Your desired projection

-          The shape, size and texture of your implant

-          Your body-frame (for example if you have a narrow frame, you should opt for a high profile implant). This is because, with a low profile or even medium profile implant, you will have little space at cleavage due to extension of implant towards the center if you have a narrow frame.

-          Size of your pre-procedure breasts and amount of tissue.

Discussing with your surgeon is perhaps the most helpful thing that will make decisions easier for you. A correct implant profile choice can help you in enhancing the results of your procedure and to get a healthy, natural and blossoming look.

Our doctors are always happy to give you the information and advice you need to make the right decision.


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